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We are the all-singing, all-dancing, crap of the world

Welcome to my world...

Well, I guess I have to start somewhere, so I figured I would introduce myself.

I am an odd being indeed. I feel I have to serve my country, like a good deal of my family, but at the same time, I couldn't start my own family here.

I was an International Languages Major at Cameron University, in Lawton, Oklahoma. However, in February 2011, my professor passed away, and he was more than just a real heart-felt inspiration to me as a linguist and serviceman of the United States constitution, as well as a children's author. Ultimately he had unrivaled experience by working for the U.S. Embassy abroad, teaching English and learning an absolute slew of different languages in his spare time. In the essence of really wanting to do a good deal of what he did, I decided to forfeit my studies at Cameron and instead attend the University of Oklahoma in Fall 2011. I'll be double majoring in Mandarin Chinese and International Security Studies.

A good deal of what you can expect from my writing could be anything political, on the topic of linguistics, an international dispute, social inconformity, people pretending to know something about me, rants (about a certain person or groups of people), things that make me angry, or any combination of these topics.

If you think you can tolerate the person that I am and would like to make friends with me, then, by all means, leave a comment.

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You keep mentioning that you want to better yourself in light of folks you know being disgusted with your attitudes, words, and actions of late, and if you still do, you might want to try things like refraining from using slurs of any kind to stand in place of what is actually happening. Someone messing with your 'identity', whatever you mean by that, is not a 'retard'. They may be a jerk, annoying, etc. but never a slur that is used against people to demean and discriminate against them based on arbitrary standards of cognitive ability. This also includes using related words like "stupid", "dumb", etc. for things you mean as silly, ridiculous, etc.

Re: Food for thought.

I'll keep that in mind, and with your feedback, edit my profile and this entry.

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